Production Room is now Red Dog Music

Dear Production Room customer,

In 2016, Production Room merged with Red Dog Music to create the UK's only dedicated chain of music technology stores. We are now retiring the Production Room name and will be focussing all our attentions on making Red Dog Music your number one source for musical equipment of all sorts.

You'll be dealing with the same friendly team but we will be stocking an even wider range of pro audio and music technology products across our three stores, as well as a range of instruments from synths to guitars to electronic drums and pianos.

Hope to see you soon!

Red Dog Music (formerly Production Room)

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to contact Production Room?

Red Dog Music is Production Room! You can find out the various ways to contact or visit us here.

What will happen to my Production Room order?

Your order will be fulfilled as usual. If you have an outstanding Production Room order and are looking for an update on delivery time, please email with your order details.

I bought something off Production Room ages ago and need a copy of my receipt. What should I do?

Just contact us - as we are the same company, we can access all historical sales receipts.

What happens to my Production Room loyalty points?

If you had loyalty points on the old Production Room website, these will be converted into a one-off coupon code for a discount off the Red Dog Music website. You will be emailed with the value of this coupon code and instructions on how to use it within a month of the Production Room website being closed down.

Is the warranty on the product I bought off Production Room still valid?

Yes! All applicable warranties remain valid. Note that - as previously - some extended warranties require registration with the manufacturer.

What if I want a refund on something I bought off Production Room?

Contact us! Anything that was eligible for a refund or replacement through Production Room will also be eligible for such through Red Dog Music.

Why are you called Red Dog Music?

It’s a mystery that may never be solved. Is it because of this? Or this? Or indeed this? Or simply because we like the colour red, and dogs, and music?

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