About Red Dog Music

Red Dog Music was formed in May 2008 by former management of Sound Control and Turnkey, previously the UK’s largest musical instrument and technology retailers. Frustrated by the general direction of musical instrument shops, the Founders decided to start and run the business in the way they thought music shops should be run.

Red Dog Music was always independent, no men in suits and dark glasses dictating what should and should not do – and the music store is both owned and run by musicians. As such, we set out to live up to our motto – “The Friendly Music Store” – not only by offering friendly service to our customers, but genuinely caring about our staff and the wider community, including our suppliers and competitors, and the music world that allows us to exist.

Passionate Musicians

As active musicians, we hold a passionate belief that musical instruments should not be treated like any other commodity – companies that sell guitars as if they are televisions are completely missing the point – and we stay central to the local Edinburgh music scene, sponsoring nights, helping musicians get gigs, and gigging ourselves in various different bands (from indie to techno to country and everything in between!).

Embracing the Web

In October 2008, Red Dog Music launched an online music store, right here at www.reddogmusic.co.uk with similar principals: to make shopping for musical equipment online easy, friendly and hassle-free. We know that you just want to find the sort of gear you like and slaver over it, not spend hours trawling through pages of stuff you don’t like but that someone somewhere wants you to like.

As a young, tech-savvy company, we are fully involved in making sure the back-end of the website – the fulfillment of your orders – is as slick as anything out there, and are always on the lookout for new ways to make your online experience with us amazing, so if you have any bright ideas, please get in touch!

Our First Award

We are proud to say that in October 2009 (only 16 months after we first opened our doors) we were voted “Best Independent Retailer” in the Music Industries Association’s annual awards ceremony. This is a hotly contested award between the 2,000 or so music shops in the UK, and this is the first time it’s been won by a company after only one year in business.

In 2014 & 2015 our achievements were once again recognised with another brace of awards: the Music Industries Association “Best Retailer (Medium)” in 2014 and the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce “Best Performing Business” in 2015, both huge honours for us and a testament to the hard work, positive attitude, and determination of all our staff.

Music Shops

In 2013, we opened a showroom in London’s Clapham shifting our focus to high end studio equipment but still providing the same friendly, knowledgeable service we have become known for.

Hot on the heels of opening the Clapham showroom, in 2014 we launched an innovative partnership with Relentless Energy Drink to open a “pop-up” store on London’s legendary Denmark Street, offering hands-on advice and a drop-in space for the capital’s top musicians and performers.

Red Dog Music

Dawsons Music is delighted to announce that the Red Dog Music brand is now part of the Dawsons Music family! We're excited to bring our two communities together and create a stronger, wider network of people passionate about music gear. Both companies share a common heritage to support musicians throughout the UK and Dawsons want to support Red Dog Music customers in their continued musical journey.

Dawsons Music

Dawsons Music was established in 1898 in Cheshire, England, making it the oldest retailer of musical instruments in the UK. Through this time we've learnt a thing or two about what musicians want and are proud to say we are a company run by musicians, for musicians. Dawsons is a multi-channel retailer who sell all things musical, to all type of musicians.

There are currently 6 Dawsons Music Stores, which stock a wide selection of musical instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars, amps & effects pedals, pianos & keyboards, drums & percussion, PA, DJ & home recording equipment.

The Dawsons Music teams are all musicians, many of whom have had professional careers as musicians, and still gig on a semi-professional basis. Their friends in the music industry reads like a who’s who of the world of music, which would be cool if it wasn’t uncool to say that!

Our website has always, and will always, feature the latest approach to Internet retailing. The Customer Service team behind the Dawsons website have all been trained to the same high standards as our store staff. This ensures that home shoppers are treated to the same positive purchasing experience as the customers who visit our stores.

Red Dog Music Limited

Red Dog Music Administration ("the Company"). Stuart Robb and Julien Irving of Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited were appointed Joint Administrators on 21 November 2018. The affairs, business and property of the Company are being managed by the Joint Administrators. The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and contract without personal liability. Stuart Robb is authorised and licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland under office holder number 19450, and Julien Irving is authorised and licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales under office holder number 13092. All licensed insolvency practitioners of Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited are licensed in the UK. Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited, 4th Floor, 58 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA.

Dawsons Music Limited acquired the Intellectual Property assets from the Administrators and have rights over all Trademarks and Intellectual Property. Dawsons Music Limited do not own Red Dog Music Limited and have no responsibilities in regard to the Red Dog Music company. Enquiries of this nature should be addressed to the Administrators.