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SE Electronics STE16
Modular Synth

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The STE16's dual LFO amplitude and frequency modulation push the envelope above and beyond your typical four waveform LFO construction.

  • Eleven patch points
  • Size: 10hp
  • Depth: 25mm with ribbon cable attached
  • Power Usage: 150mA, 35mA (+12/-12)
  • Controls: Speed 1, Speed 2, Wave 1, Wave 2, Mix, 2x 1 Shot, 2x Hi/Lo, FM/M/AM, connectors: CV In 1, CV In 2, Reset 1, Reset 2, Mix Out, Out 1, Out 2

The STE16 is a dual LFO, featuring a HI-freq mode and complex waveform mixing possibilities. The STE's amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and waveform mixing and blending give the user infinite possibilities in LFO construction. The '1 SHOT' function dramatically transforms the STE into a punchy and varied percussive tool and more experimental tones can be explored via the 'AM' function. With sixteen waveforms per LFO, setting the initial digital oscillating process can be a highly engrossing pursuit.

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  • £229.00

    Not just a compressor, the Mutable Instruments Streams gives you the dynamics modulation power to turn weak sounds into beasts!

    • Dynamics module for Eurorack systems
    • Two channel VCFA
    • Envelope generator
    • Vactrol curve generator
    • Amplitude and frequency content follower
    • Compressor/limiter
    • Digital control mode selection
    • Width: 12 HP
    • Current draw: +12V: 100mA ; -12V: 30mA
  • £195.00

    Turn two sounds into something new with the mutliple-algorithm cross-modulation incredibility of the Mutable Instruments Warps!

    • Warping, cross-modulation module for Eurorack
    • Continuous morphing between 7 cross-modulation algorithms: crossfade, cross-folding, digital model of analog diode ring-modulation, digital ring-modulation, bitwise XOR modulation, octaver/comparator, 20-band vocoder
    • Control of timbre richness/brightness
    • Each audio input has a built-in digital VCA with emulation of analogue soft-clipping
    • Audio input 1 can be replaced by an internal digital oscillator with through-zero FM. Available waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, filtered noise
    • Controls for: modulation algorithm morphing, timbre richness, input gain/distortion, internal oscillator waveform
    • Open-source hardware and firmware
    • Width: 10 HP
    • Current draw: +12V: 110 mA ; -12V: 5 mA
  • £255.00

    You've got all the raw sounds you want in your modular , now start modulating! The XAOC Devices Batumi LFO is just the thing!

    • 4x LFO module for Eurorack systems
    • 4 voltage controlled LFOs
    • Free, quadrature, phase and divide modes
    • Assignable waveform outputs
    • Assignable reset/tap tempo inputs
    • Zoom mode for precise frequency setting
    • USB connector for easy firmware updates
    • Width: 10 HP
    • Current draw: 80 mA
  • £259.00

    If you're struggling within the confines of traditional modulation sources, the Mutable Instruments Stages deserves 14HP of your modular

    • Incredibly flexible modulation source
    • Three segment types: Ramp segments go from one voltage to another, in a CV-controlled amount of time, with an adjustable curve, Hold segments stay at a constant (but CV-controllable) voltage for a programmable amount of time, Step segments glide to a target (CV-controllable) voltage, then stay at this voltage for a certain amount of
    • time until a trigger is received
    • Build your own LFOs, envelopes, step sequencers and more
    • CV output: from 0V to +8V. A negative CV down to -8V can be generated by a Hold or Step segment if this
    • segment is CV modulated
    • Segment duration from 1ms to 16s
    • All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 2 kHz
    • 31.25 kHz refresh rate
    • 16-bit CV capture, 14-bit CV generation with accurate software calibration
    • Width: 14HP
    • Current draw: +12V: 80mA -12V: 20mA

£225.00 inc VAT

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