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Mutable Instruments Branches
Bernoulli Gate Module

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Snare or clap, open or closed hats or whatever your imagination can come up with, the Mutable Instruments Branches can randomly choose one

  • Dual Bernoulli gate module for Eurorack
  • Randomly assign input (trigger or gate) to one of two outputs
  • Bias the probability with the knob
  • Width: 6HP
  • Current draw: +12V: 10mA, -12V: 1mA

The Mutable Instruments Branches is a Bernoulli gate. This is a device that takes a logic signal (trigger or gate) as an input, and routes it to either of its two outputs according to a random coin toss.

A knob controls how fair the coin toss is – with the knob in minimal position, the first output always win, with the knob in maximal position the second output always wins – with random fun in-between. And obviously, this bias is CV-controllable!

The Mutable Instruments Branches packs two such gates in a small 6-HP panel. Get a sequencer to randomly skip steps, randomize drum patterns, dispatch events from a sequence to two subpatches, or patch a monster modular Pachinko machine…

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  • £160.00

    Rebel Technology Phoreo is a deceptively simple module with the power to perform wild bursts of triggers for snare rolls and beats!

    • Trigger module which specialises in delivering bursts of triggers for flams, rolls and fills.
    • Phoreo also performs pulse width modulation
    • Normalled inputs allow each function (PWM, multiplication, repetition) to interact with one another.
    • Also versatile with many utility functions: master clock doubling; clock modulation; and for triggering and clocking fast sequences.
    • Width: 10HP
    • Depth: 20mm
    • Power: +5v: < 20mA, +12v: < 15mA, -12v: < 5mA
    • Requires 5v power rail
  • £289.00

    The temporally most powerful way to use 10HP of your modular? Put the 6 patchable clocks of the Make Noise Tempi in and find out!

    • Programmable clock module
    • 6 simultaneously programmable and patchable clocks
    • HUMAN programming is fast and intuitive, MACHINE programming provides effortless precision
    • Program clock Multiplier or Divisor, Phase, MUTE and MOD
    • Integer and Non-Integer Multiplier, Divisor and Phase remove the shackles of traditional clocking modules
    • Clock MOD allows for CHannel SHIFTing or RUN/ STOP behaviours
    • All programming done real-time and able to be Stored as a STATE for later Recall
    • Highly Stable, Low Jitter Clocking algorithm
    • Maximum artist controlled musical variation, minimum data input
    • Voltage controlled STATE Selection

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