When you think of the British Invasion of the 1960s, you think of mop-tops, matching suits, and the chime of Vox amplifiers. Vox released the AC15 amplifier in 1958, which led to the production of the iconic Vox AC30. The AC30 continued to be developed, later adding the Top-Boost control, all of which refined the already legendary sound that made it into the rigs of guitarists such as Paul Weller, Rory Gallagher and The Edge.

Vox weren’t just making amps: they remained just as iconic with their other product lines, from the ‘Teardrop’ guitar, their wah-wah and Tone Bender pedals and their other major contribution to defining the sixties: the Vox Continental organ, which gave The Doors their distinctive sound. Vox’s ongoing drive to innovate also gave us the ‘guitar organ’; not a success, but certainly showing that guitars could do more.

Vox now makes a wide range of amplifiers, so that everyone can have Vox tone in their setup. The AC15 and AC30 are still there of course, but there are also small, affordable practice amps, modelling and hybrid amplifiers, low-wattage recording amps, acoustic amplifiers and effects. Your sound is in there, have some fun finding it…


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