Roland V-Piano

The Roland V Piano is the culmination of around 20 years of research and cutting edge technology to produce what many have described as the best digital piano in the world. Traditionally the sound of a digital piano is based on samples (recordings) of acoustic pianos. This is great but this means that each sample is just a snapshot of one particular note, on one particular piano at one moment in time.

What makes the V Piano unique is that the sound is completely synthesised. Every time you hit a note, the process of a hammer hitting strings over a soundboard is virtually recreated as you play, giving the pianist as much variation, expression and dynamic range as an acoustic piano. This technology means that nearly every characteristic of the sound can be edited and adjusted allowing for the recreation of everything from prestigious concert grands to pub honkytonks!

What’s more, brand new pianos that are unique to you or your composition can be made using the intuitive editing software. This revolutionary instrument is available in a stage/studio configuration and if you really want to push the boat, a baby grand! Red Dog Music are one of the only places in the whole UK that has the V Piano Grand out on demonstration so please get in touch if you’d like to try one!

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1-4 of 4 items

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