Roland V-Drums

Since their release in 1997, Roland V-Drums electronic drum kits have gone from strength to strength, with Roland now the world's largest drum manufacturer despite not making a single acoustic drum kit.

Their popularity is down to the quality of both the hardware and the sounds. With 'mesh head' pads on the majority of V-Drum kits, they play like a high-end acoustic kit with drum sticks bouncing off the pads in all the ways you would expect. But what really sets them aside from their peers is the sound quality: utilising Roland's SuperNATURAL technology, every little nuance of your playing is picked up, and with literally thousands of samples from a range of high end acoustic kits, the sound that comes out is indistinguishable from a professionally recorded kit.

Another major benefit of V-Drums kits is the fact that you can play them in near-silence with headphones on, an important factor in maintaining relationships with your neighbours!

Buying Roland V-Drums from Red Dog Music, you will receive free technical support from our in-store Roland specialist. If you're after a bundle deal including sticks and stool, make sure to contact us and we'll work you out a competitive quote.

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