Roland V-Accordions

Roland V-Accordions are electronic accordions which allow you to recreate the sound and response of a wide range of acoustic accordions from around the world. Whether you play traditional Celtic music and require an authentic sounding musette or love French or Italian music, the V-Accordion range will cater for every style.

Using very clever bellow sensing technology, the feel and response of these incredible instruments is very similar to their acoustic counterparts allowing the player to perform with the dynamics, expression and emotion that comes from playing the accordion. With this in mind, it begs the question, “Why go electric?” The benefits are numerous. For example, headphones can be plugged in and they can be practiced silently. For live performance, there’s no need to worry about microphones or their placement because they have stereo outputs to plug into a PA or amp. They also eliminate the need for the expensive and invasive retro-fitting of a pickup or MIDI system because all these connections are built in.

Crucially, Roland V-Accordions also have other sounds built in so that you can combine accordion sounds with a bass, drums, or even a Hammond organ! They are available in different sizes and in the smaller models, weigh substantially less than a traditional accordion which make them perfect for travelling or performing standing up. Every element of the sound, feel and response can be totally customised to your own requirements making the Roland V Accordion a superb squeezebox for the 21st century!

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