Roland LX Series Pianos

The Roland LX series are very special pianos. With their beautiful exterior, superior sound and amazing feel, they are a joy to behold! Years of research and cutting edge design are combined to provide pianists of all levels with a truly beautiful range of instruments. Boasting the best touch, sound engine and speakers that Roland have to offer, these pianos are designed to sit pride of place, in any home. In our shop, they are the instrument that customers seem to gravitate towards more than any other. Using an enhanced “Acoustic Projection System” the sound fills the room. Every nuance and characteristic from a range of grand and upright pianos is created as you play thanks to the enhanced sensitivity of the keyboard and “SuperNatural” sound modelling. The hammer action on the keys is so tactile and responsive; they just have to be played. All the time. Have you guessed they’re my favourite?

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