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Roland Jupiter Synths

When the Jupiter8 was launched in 1981 it was seriously cutting edge: 8 note polyphony, 64 patch memories and incredible sound quality made it incredibly popular with artists through the 80s up to the present day. Over the years it achieved legendary status having been used on numerous hit records and has become a “must have” for many synth collectors and recording studios.

Although very different technologically and operationally, the Roland Jupiter 80 and Jupiter 50 have a similar philosophy behind them. They are the embodiment of Roland’s dedication to sound quality and innovation. By employing “SuperNatural” modelling technology to produce both acoustic and electronic instruments these keyboards are able to accurately reproduce everything from piano, trumpets and strings to legendary synths like the Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and SH101 with unparalleled quality. Not only are they reproducing the sound but also modelling the behaviour so that nuances and subtleties from each instrument are created as you play.

The Jupiter 80 is a monster with 256 note polyphony and the ability to stack up 30 analogue modelled oscillators on top of each other as well as very detailed editing for the behaviour of acoustic sounds. The Jupiter 50 is its more portable brother which has less sounds and editing but the same sound quality in a more streamlined design.

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