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Roland Juno

When the Roland Juno series of keyboards was introduced in the 80s, they were designed to provide a powerful but, great value solution for the budding keyboard player. Many people’s first synths were Junos and as a result have become revered with in the music industry due to their lush sound, ease of use and reliability. The Juno series today continues that philosophy, albeit in a digital, highly portable performance keyboard.

The Juno Di is exceptionally light and straight forward to use. Using Roland’s best sample based sounds and easy interface, it can best be described as a gigging workhorse. Inside there’s hundreds of sounds, splitting and layering options and the ability to edit and effect sounds using the multi FX processors and editor software. Ideal as a gigging keyboard that you can carry on your back or a high quality second tier for your stage piano, the Juno Di is a great addition to any performance. You can even run it on batteries!

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