Roland FP Pianos

The Roland FP series of pianos provides the perfect hybrid solution. Rather than falling in between the worlds of home use and gigging, these adapt to both environments really well. As home pianos, they are compact and have very useful features like powerful built in speakers, recording facilities, and coaching and rhythm functions for teaching yourself piano. There are even wooden legs available to turn them into more of a piece of furniture!

As a stage piano they have a wide array of different sounds with the facility to split and layer two different instruments on top of each other. Favourite sounds can be recalled quickly with “one touch” settings and a microphone can be plugged in to work with the built in vocal harmoniser. Despite having one of Roland’s finest piano hammer actions, they are still fairly light and portable. Easy to use, light, and great sounding, the Roland FP series are a great choice for pianists at home or on stage.

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