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Roland Fantom Workstations

What does the term “Workstation Keyboard” mean? Well, it can mean a variety of things but in its truest sense I think it can be interpreted as “a keyboard that can do a bit of everything!” This definition is particularly apparent when describing Roland’s FA or Fantom series of workstations. It is a powerful synthesiser, sound library, sampler, live keyboard, recording studio, audio interface and MIDI controller! The remarkable thing is that there is absolutely no compromise on the quality of each of these key features. The vast library of sounds (including ground breaking “SuperNatural” tones) gives you a sonic palette that Rick Wakeman would be jealous of. Up to 16 of these can be split or combined over the keyboard for enhanced live playing. They can also be recorded easily using the intuitive 16 track sequencer and manipulated using the built in effects units. You can even create your own sounds or download loads of new ones via the Roland Axial content portal. To record to the computer, simply plug in a USB cable and the FA is transformed into a powerful audio and MIDI interface. Available in 61 keys 88 piano keys, the FA is ideal for the studio, stage or both. Get in touch for a demo today!

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