Roland Classic Series

Roland, as a brand, are often associated with synthesisers and keyboards but some of the first instruments they produced were organs. In fact, the founder of Roland, Mr Ikutaro Kakehashi has long been inspired by pipe organs and classical instruments and as an engineer has devoted a lot of time into the research and development of electronic versions of these.

In 1988 Roland acquired the prestigious Rodgers Corporation, manufacturers of the finest electric organs in the world. By combining their expertise, huge leaps in the technological development have taken place to give organists an incredible playing experience. This technology and quality has been distilled into the Roland Classic Series C330 and C380 which provide incredible realism and sound quality. Ideal for churches, home practice and teaching, they provide a practical and compact instrument that any level of organist would proud to play.

Also in the Classic Series is the world’s only digital Harpsicord, the C30. This impressive instrument accurately recreates the feel and sound of a range of different Harpsicords without any of the practical issues that are often associated with them such as tuning and fragility. The C30 is robust and relatively portable as well as sounding completely authentic, making it ideal for concerts, recitals, teaching and practice.

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