Roland Aira

What is Roland AIRA? Why is it so special? Well, not only is it a modern reimagining of some of Roland’s most genre defining electronic instruments like the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 and SH-101, it’s also a family of products that use Roland’s new ACB (Analogue Circuit Behaviour) Technology. This means that they all model the circuitry and behaviour of these iconic devices to deliver the most accurate recreation to date. Most importantly, they are incredibly easy to use, totally inspirational and exceptionally fun!

With a TR808 and 909 built in and a host of sequencing options and effects, the Roland TR8 is so much more than just a drum machine. Its perfect partner is the Roland TB3 which is a TB303 inspired bass synth. For processing vocals there is the VT3 vocoder and for unlimited sonic possibilities we have the System 1 Plug Out Synthesiser. This is a synth that lets you import other classic synths on to it! The icing on the cake is the MX1 mix performer which brings all these devices together with software (like Ableton Live) and other hardware via a powerful “mixing instrument” to control and enhance your performance in totally new ways.

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