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Roland Acoustic Chorus

Crystal clear and warm sounding, the Roland Acoustic Chorus series of acoustic guitar amps have been hugely popular with acoustic musicians all over the world. They accurately reflect the sound of your acoustic, preserving its character while responding to your playing without artificially enhancing the sound. They all have a microphone input for vocals and on the larger models this sends phantom power meaning that you can attach a condenser microphone. This is ideal for amplifying completely acoustic instruments.

There is a range of Roland Acoustic Chorus amps to suit most players and most live situations, ranging from small battery powered models through very powerful larger models for bigger gigs. They are all stereo, meaning that there’s plenty of room for the sound to breathe and that any of the built in effects, like delay or chorus (modelled from the legendary JC120) fill the room beautifully. Often compared favourably to acoustic amps much further up the price range, the Roland Acoustic Chorus series is a “must have” for any acoustic guitarist.

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