Breaking into the guitar market is not an easy thing to do, particularly when you’re trying to break into the top-end of it, guitarists are a ‘special’ group of people, and history counts for a lot. How do you convince those people not to choose an electric guitar that’s been around since the 1950s? Simple, you build a guitar that is quite simply outstanding, and that’s what Paul Reed Smith did when he launched PRS Guitars in 1985.

The combination and development of some of the best features of Gibson and Fender instruments, along with original hardware designs make PRS instruments some of the best sounding and most playable guitars around today; the woods, finishes and beautiful appointments, such as the fingerboard inlays, make them among the most beautiful. Take a listen and take a look at what has made a PRS guitar the choice instrument of so many players.

With a product range that includes electric guitars, from student to ‘private stock’ special editions, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, cabinets and cables, you can find your sound and your instrument in the Paul Reed Smith range.

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