If you’ve been making tunes since before all audio became stretchable and you could make samples numerous tempos play nicely together, you may be familiar with a piece of software called Recycle: the first product from Swedish company Propellerhead Software. However, it was perhaps the launch of Rebirth in 1997 that made a lot of people sit up and take notice, and was a sign of the great things to come…

Rebirth provided possibly the most affordable way to put the classic sounds of techno in your studio. They then partnered with Steinberg to develop the incredibly useful Rewire protocol, but it was with the release of Reason in 2000 that Propellerhead changed the game. A completely closed system meant that this virtual ‘rack’ of synths, sequencers, drum machines, mixers and effects was stable, provided everything in one package that you needed to make music and made collaboration easy.

The only thing lacking from Reason was audio recording, but that was taken care of with the appropriately named Record software. Now, with Record integrated into Reason, ‘Rack Extensions’ to add additional effects, and an audio interface, other than your computer, Propellerhead is really the only other company you need to keep…

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