Native Instruments Traktor

Native Instruments Traktor line includes everything you need to not only start djing digitally, but to do it your own way with your own style. The Traktor software is a well-developed and reliable djing package, which gives you the tools to mix ‘in-the-box’, or send your tracks outside for mixing using a conventional hardware mixer. You can even put together a hybrid setup using a combination of hardware mixer and MIDI controller to control Traktor’s inbuilt effects.

In addition to the software, the Traktor line also includes a range of soundcards and hardware controllers to put together the setup that fits with your workflow and your specific requirements. The Traktor controllers are designed to work instantly with Traktor, with all functions already pre-mapped so you can get up and running straight away. You can consider Traktor a modular system, giving you the flexibility to change your setup and expand as you find your style. Native Instruments’ World of Traktor, find your own style.

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