Native Instruments Maschine

Remember how much you loved working on your standalone groovebox, but remember how much you hated working on that small screen? Know how you love your DAW, but wish there was a way to break out of that programming workflow? Native Instruments Maschine might be just what you’re looking for. This complete groove production studio is made up from a standalone and VST/AU plugin software application, married to a bespoke hardware controller, Imagine using your old groovebox with the benefits of a full-size screen!

The hardware has been designed to integrate as closely as possible with the software, minimising the amount of time you have to use the mouse or keyboard, helping you break out of the routine of music-making being ‘work’ and letting you get much more hands-on with your grooves. Both the full-size Maschine and Maschine Mikro use the same software, which comes with a vast collection of sounds and can also be expanded with additional packs. Native Instrument’s Maschine: get out of the rut and back to the groovebox!

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