What really needs to be said about Moog? If you’re a synth player, you know all about the iconic status Moog has in analogue synthesis. If you can judge the impact of a musical instrument company by how many doctorates its founder has, then Moog is going to be right up there when you put the list together.

After producing Theremins and modular synthesisers, the big breakthrough came with the launch of the famous Minimoog in 1970 and which most people probably won’t be able to afford today. After losing the rights to his eponymous company and establishing Big Briar, Bob Moog got his name back in 2002 and Moog Music was back.

These days, Moog synthesisers combine the sound of a pure analogue signal path with the convenience of digital control, with a range that takes you from the affordable to the aspirational. If you’re already well-stocked for synths, you can add the sound of Moog to your studio with products such as the Moogerfooger effects pedals, and the 500-series ladder filter. Even if you think you have every sound covered with soft synths, you owe it to yourself to be inspired by a Moog.

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