In Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1973, with a handful of leatherworking tools, a few hides of leather and the exuberance of youth Dennis Levy began crafting and selling a variety of leather goods: belts, watchbands, gun slings and yes...guitar straps. A few years later he met his wife and together they invested their life savings and began building the company millions of players have come to know and trust today as Levy’s Leathers Ltd.

Expanding to Canada in 1975, together with a small group of leather craftsmen Levy’s began expanding, quietly developing expertise and improving its products.

With their dedication to quality and craftsmanship, hard work and integrity, Levy’s started to grow. Starting locally, it wasn’t long before they were selling straps nationally and soon enough, with participation in the major music trade shows in the United States, Europe and China, Levy's became worldwide. Levy’s guitar straps are now available in 80+ countries.


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