Jim Dunlop

Founded way back in 1965 as a family business, the California based company Dunlop Manufacturing have produced many products that stand the test of time. A leading manufacturer in electronic effects, picks, capos, slides and strings, Dunlop have created some instant classics over the years. The Cry Baby Wah being the first to come to mind!

Arriving in America in the 1960's with only $600 to his name, Jim Dunlop, the man the company would later be named after, saw an opportunity. Originally creating guitar products in his spare time, his first breakthrough came with his patented capo design. From this success, a local luthier set Jim his next task, which was to build a thumbpick. Jim Dunlop took this idea and revolutionised it to become the plectrum we know today, and thus began Dunlop Manufacturing.

Jim Dunlop summed up his products as "consistent", and what more could you want from your guitar accessories?


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