From the twang of rockabilly in the 1950s, through the British Invasion of the 1960s to the Stone Roses, hyperbilly, psychobilly and beyond, the sound and image of a Gretsch guitar has earned its place in history. And don’t think it’s just about the guitars; Gretsch’s drums, where the company started, have grabbed their fair share of the limelight. That famous round badge has adorned many of the kits that have been responsible for so many of those classic records and classic, sought-after sounds.

Gretsch started out making banjos, tambourines and drums before moving into guitar manufacture. An endorsement from Chet Atkins in the 1950s really put Gretsch on the map and led to their instruments finding their way into the hands of players such as Eddie Cochran, Duane Eddy and George Harrison and, with a list of players like that, Gretsch truly had established themselves alongside names such as Gibson and Fender.

Gretsch’s range these days retains the iconic style and sound of those classic instruments and with product series such as the Electromatic guitars, a Gretsch instrument is within your reach. With Gretsch guitars and drums, you can be inspired by Gretsch’s place in history.

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