Fender Telecaster

As the first mass-produced electric guitar, the Fender Telecaster has earned its place as electric guitar royalty. While the major ‘go-to’ guitar for the country player, the Telecaster has played a role in defining the sounds of every generation: Muddy Waters, Clapton and Page, Keith Richards, Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen, through Graham Coxon and Tom Morello, to Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys and beyond. This really is a guitar that can do, and has done, it all.

The word perhaps most-used to describe the Telecaster sound is ‘twang’, but that is only a small part of its vocabulary. The neck pickup can be made to sound almost Les Paul-like, with the bridge pickup full of bite that can cut through any mix. This really is a great instrument for experimenting with amp settings to see just how many different sounds you really can wring out of it.

And, the Tele isn’t done yet! With a huge variety of instruments offering a choice of pickups and electrics, woods and even semi-hollow designs, there is a Telecaster that can give you the tone you have in your head. The Telecaster: doing it all since 1950!

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