Fender Stratocaster

If you asked your granny to draw an electric guitar, chances are she would draw a Fender Stratocaster. From Buddy Holly to John Frusciante, from blues to metal, it’s simply been an icon of modern music. Despite being available in a wide range of versions, a Strat will always be a Strat: versatile, comfortable and timeless.

With Fender’s huge variety of Stratocaster collections, as well as the Squier brand, there is a Stratocaster available to suit every budget, as well as every style. With the classic Stratocaster offering three single-coil pickups, you can get all the chime, quack and clarity that you want. Looking for something with a bit more grunt? Take a look at some of the humbucker-equipped instruments.

Despite being released to the world in 1954, and experiencing various refinements, upgrades and changes along the way, regardless of which instrument you decide is right for you, your Strat will always be your Strat.

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