Fender Precision Bass

The first mass-produced electric bass, the Fender Precision Bass revolutionised the bassist’s world following its release in 1951, freeing bassists from cumbersome uprights and mandobasses: allowing them to be heard again, and saving the backs of countless roadies.

With an emphasis of the fundamental harmonic of the note, the P-Bass has a deep bottom end, with less midrange and treble than instruments such as the Jazz Bass and Rickenbacker basses. The Precision Bass also features a wider nut than the Jazz Bass, and most feature the ‘split-coil’ pickups, which add a bit of extra brightness to the top strings.

With numerous P-Bass models available across Fender’s collections and from Squier, you’re sure to be able to find the P-Bass that’s right for your playing and your budget. Maybe a Precision Bass can revolutionise your music today the way it did when it was first released.

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1-4 of 4 items

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