Fender Jazzmaster

Perhaps the greatest misnomer in the history of the electric guitar, it’s hard to think of any jazz guitarists who chose the Jazzmaster as their instrument of choice. Look beyond that however, and you find out just how much of a love there is for these instruments that, despite being introduced in 1958, still stand out from the crowd today.

Initially embraced by surf bands such as The Surfaris, then employed to great effect by Television and Elvis Costello, the Jazzmaster is perhaps best known for its role in shaping the experimental alternative and shoegaze sounds of acts such as Sonic Youth, Dinoasur Jr and My Bloody Valentine. With the lower-output, but wider pickups picking up more of the string, the Jazzmaster has quite a mellow sound, but with a bit more clarity than a humbucker.

With a range of Jazzmaster models available from both Fender and Squier, you are sure to be able to find the right model for you. With its distinctive looks and classic sounds, The Jazzmaster might be the instrument that helps you stand out from the crowd...

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1-2 of 2 items

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