Fender Jazz Bass

Evolving from the Precision Bass, it’s hard to go wrong with the warm tone of the Fender Jazz Bass. Introduced in 1960, the differences with the P-Bass run beyond the simply cosmetic. Released at the same time as the Jazzmaster guitar, the J-Bass was designed to appeal to Jazz musicians, with features such as a more contoured body and thinner neck and narrower nut to allow faster playing.

The standard Jazz Basses are equipped with two single-coil pickups. The sound of the J-Bass is a bit more ‘punchy’ than the P-Bass, with more midrange growl and top-end for making those bass runs you worked so hard to get down be heard through the band.

With a wide selection of Jazz Basses from both Fender and Squire, featuring basses that expand the tonal palette with different pickup options, fingerboard woods, five strings and fretless options, it really is hard to go wrong with the Fender Jazz Bass...

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