Founded in 1873, Epiphone began making fiddles and lutes, but, in 1928, moved into the guitar market. Epiphone manufactured an outstanding range of archtop guitars, they were seen by Gibson as perhaps their biggest rival in the archtop market. Gibson was so concerned, that they bought the Epiphone company in 1957. In many ways, this was the beginning of a great partnership. The Gibson acquisition led to Epiphone’s use of the Gibson semi-hollow archtop body, that classic ES-335 shape, which gave us so many iconic Epiphone guitars including the Sheraton and the Riviera.

Of all the Epiphone guitars of the period after the Gibson buyout though, it was perhaps the Casino that most captured the imagination, particularly after one was picked up by a certain beat combo from Liverpool in the 1960s. Based on the Gibson ES-330, the Casino powered more than its fair share of popular music for the next several decades, from the Beatles to Oasis. These days, the Epiphone brand puts some of history’s most prized guitars, including an incredible range of Les Paul models, within the reach of everyone, often with additional features not seen on the original models. With guitars always featuring strongly in guitar comparison ‘shootouts’ and backed by a lifetime warranty, Epiphone produces some of the best value guitars available today.


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