Epiphone EJ200

Gibson’s SJ-200, the ‘King of the Flat Tops,’ has been an icon almost since the day it was introduced in 1938. The super jumbo later became the J-200, but retained the huge area of real-estate on the top of the instrument that gave rise to its super jumbo name. Played by famous names from Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page and even The Edge, this classic instrument has a well-balanced sound that projects beyond any other acoustic.

The classic heritage of the Gibson J-200 is now available to everyone with the Epiphone EJ-200. Featuring a solid spruce top, maple body and neck and rosewood fingerboard, complemented with crown fingerboard inlays and the instantly recognizable moustache bridge, this remains as beautiful and desirable an instrument as the original. With a cutaway version featuring Shadow NanoMag and NanoFlex pickups and the eSonic two preamp system, the Epiphone EJ200 remains at the forefront of performance and studio acoustic guitars and continues Gibson’s legacy.

If you want an instrument that looks as good when you’re not playing it as it sounds when you are, then take a look at the Epiphone EJ200.

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1-3 of 3 items

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