Originally known for amps, Nathan Daniel started making Danelectro guitars in 1954, known for their distinct shape and signature lipstick tube pickup. Danelectro guitars were originally budget guitars, distributed under the names Silvertone & Airline at a much lower price than Fender's and Gibson's of the time.

Despite this, Dan Electro's proved popular with musicians, and the originals have stood the test of time, proving them to be more than budget-quality items. In the late 60's Danelectro was sold, shortly after their main revenue stream, Sears, dropped the brand and Dan Electro disappeared into guitar lore.

In the 1990's the brand made a comeback, originally being bought to brand a new range of pedals. Public pressure eventually forced the hand of the new owners, and the new era of Dan Electro guitars began. Today, remakes of classic models, such as the Dano 63 and 67, keep the image synoymous with Danelectro alive.


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