Casio were already a long established company before entering the music industry. With electronic products covering multiple industries, it was only a matter of time until their interest was peaked by the electronic music boom of the 80's.

The CT-201, released in 1980, was the first in a long line of Casio instruments. The CT-201 was a keyboard with basic functionality, but it paved the way for Casio to become major players in the industry.

Several keyboards were added throughout the 80's, with each release featuring updates that kept Casio competitive in the industry. A significant release came in 1984 with their first digital synthesiser, the CZ-101.

Many Casio releases are still revered today, with early models being a collectors dream. Aside from keyboards and synths, other notable contributions to the music industry include samplers, digital pianos, Hi-Fi systems and more.

Today, Casio provide some of the most popular and affordable digital pianos available. Take a look at the CDP130, PX160 and PX360 below...

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