Blackstar Series One

When you have a good number of employees in your company who used to work for Marshall, there is a good chance you'll hit the ground running and start producing great amp tones straight away. However, the success of Blackstar Amplification has gone far beyond what might have been expected from a new company trying to break into a world full of established names.

With the Series One range of combos, heads and cabinets, Blackstar has delivered possibly the perfectly specified amplifier for the serious working musician. The range of power outputs, from a 45W combo to a thundering 200W head, is only part of the story. These amplifiers also include a range of features that will get you to the sound you've got in your head. The clean channel features options for a warm or bright sound, with crunch and super-crunch settings for the overdrive. The effects loop can be switched for -10 and +4 dB operation, the amp features MIDI ports for switching and a speaker-emulated output on XLR and 1/4" sockets. This is in addition selectable output impedance, a control to dial down the output power and Blackstar's famous ISF control.

Blackstar Series One: The Sound in your head.

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