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Blackstar HT1

How do you get the tone you want, but at an appropriate volume? Amplifiers without master volume controls often need to be cranked up before the sound starts to distort, and even amplifiers with master volumes often sound much better at higher volumes. The volume problem means it can be hard to nail those tones in your living room, or when balancing your volume against a band. The answer: smaller amps.

The last few years have seen an explosion in the number of small valve amplifiers available, and with the HT1 series, Blackstar have really nailed it. The 1W output might not sound like much, but give one a try and prepare to be surprised; you can even drive a 4x12! Lower output means you can push the valves until they sing, but at a useable volume. Available as a combo or head and with a machine 4x8 cabinet, the HT1 amps feature gain and volume controls, as well as the ISF tone control to take you from US to UK tones. With the Blackstar HT1 series, you can have all the valve tone you want, and you can use it everywhere.

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