Blackstar HT Venue

When you have a good number of employees in your amplifier company who used to work for Marshall, there is a good chance you'll hit the ground running and start producing great amp tones straight away. However, the success of Blackstar Amplification has gone far beyond what might have been expected from a new company trying to break into a world full of established names.

Blackstar's range covers the smallest practice amps, such as the 1W HT1, through the power and features of the Series One range, to the boutique point-to-point hand-wired amplifiers of the Artisan series. With the HT Venue range of amplifiers, Blackstar covers all of the middle ground.

Released in 2010, the HT Venue Series builds on the HT5, adding more power and featuring a range of combos, heads and cabinets. From the HT Studio 20 Combo, featuring a single Celestion 12" speaker, to a stack of the HT Stage 100 head and the HTV 4x12" cabinet, all amps feature onboard reverb and Blackstar's famous ISF control for even more tonal options.

The Blackstar HT Venue Series: designed to inspire the working musician.

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1-5 of 5 items

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