Blackstar HT Pedals

Despite the fact that they’ve been around forever, the humble valve is still prized for guitar tone above later developments in amplifier technology. The sound of vacuum tubes just tends to sound warmer and richer and, when you push it hard, it breaks up in a way that just seems to sound better than the solid-state alternatives.

With the Blackstar HT pedals, you can put that tube tone on your pedalboard. With a wide range of pedals, you can get any amount of dirt you want, from drive to metal, all with vacuum tube tone. Unlike a lot of gear, the valves in the HT pedals run on a full 300 volt rail for superb tone. The pedals feature a comprehensive range of tone controls, including Blackstar’s famous ISF control: one knob which takes your tone from one side of the Atlantic to the other. In addition to the overdrive and distortion pedals, which feature speaker-emulated outputs, the range also features boost, reverb, delay and modulation pedals.

With the Blackstar HT range of pedals you can add thick, creamy tube tone to your rig and enjoy the playing sensitivity and response that only valves can provide.

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1-2 of 2 items

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