AKG was founded in 1947 and started out producing products for cinema, but very quickly the products for which the company is best known, microphones and headphones, began to appear. After just six years, AKG produced the legendary C12 and D12 microphones, still revered and inspiring reissues today. In 1959, AKG unveiled the K50 headphones, the world’s first supra-aural open-backed cans. Numerous products, technological breakthroughs and patents followed and, in 1971, AKG released the C414 microphone, a real studio workhorse that sounds great in front of almost any source.

Today, AKG produces a wide-range of quality headphones and microphones and its role in recording was honoured with a Grammy Award in 2010. Its microphone range includes a wide variety of stage and studio products, with mics available to suit every budget, from the excellent value Perception series, to the latest incarnation of the classic C12 tube mic. Their range of headphones has something for all budgets and requirements, from ear-buds for everyday use, to high-end studio models for detailed listening.

We owe an awful lot to AKG, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.


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