Being formed from the parent Akai company in 1984, which produced a wide-range of consumer electronics, Akai Professional very quickly gave the world the first of a product series that would revolutionise music, the S900 digital sampler. A few years later they did it again, by partnering with Roger Linn to produce the Akai MPC60. This was the first of many models contributing to the MPC legacy.

Akai Professional doesn’t just make MPCs these days, although the MPC is still with us of course, in its latest evolutions. If you are looking to get more hands-on control over your music making, Akai bring you a fantastically diverse and well-respected range of controllers, audio interfaces, monitors and their range of Analog Custom Shop guitar pedals. With Akai’s new-breed of products, that historical legacy of the S900 and MPC is alive and well…


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1-2 of 2 items

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