Akai APC Series

Ableton’s Live software turned computer audio on its head overnight, allowing musicians and producers to take their computers to the stage and ushering in a new era of live electronic music. Once limited to complex MIDI rigs or computer musicians coping with the restrictions of linear DAWs, Live’s session view let performers remix and improvise in a whole new way.

This new way of performing required a new type of controller, something that offered an intuitive way to trigger all those clips and interact with Live in real-time and in response to the crowd. That controller is the Akai Ableton Performance Controller. Designed specifically for Live in conjunction with Ableton, the Akai APC Series offer the tightest bi-directional integration possible, allowing you creative control of your Live sessions, with minimal mouse time. With the Akai APC, you can take your sets live, without looking like you’re checking your email.

With the Akai APC freeing you from the mouse, you might find yourself inspired to perform and create in a whole new way. Maybe it’s time to try out a new method of live and studio interaction with the Akai APC40 and APC20.

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