Ableton Live

The digital audio workstation used to be a fairly linear and, some might say, uninspiring way to get your musical ideas down. The workflow of the usual DAW meant that you had to switch off the creative part of your brain, and change to working with the technical side; not necessarily the best way to enjoy your time in the studio. With Ableton Live, the DAW got a lot more creative…

Ableton Live’s ‘Session View’ allows you to arrange various ‘clips’ of audio and MIDI in a grid of channel ‘columns’ and clip ‘scenes’. Each clip slot -as well as other functions- can be mapped to a controller, and the clips played like an instrument. What makes this all the more useful though, is the fact that you can drop in any piece of audio and Live’s fantastic ‘warping’ engine gets all those clips playing in sync. You can also edit each clip in myriad ways in real-time during playback. This is obviously great for jamming and playing live, but is inspirational in the studio as well: you can record your clip jamming and then edit more conventionally using the arrangement view.

Let your DAW be another part of the creative process with Ableton Live.

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