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ALM Busy Circuits SBG Stomp Box Gateway
Guitar Effects Integrator Module MPN: ALM006

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Guitar effects pedals are everywhere! Put them to use in your Eurorack module system with the ALM SBG Stomp Box Gateway!

  • Guitar effects interface for Eurorack modular systesm
  • Connect your stompboxes to your modular!
  • Attenuation of outgoing modular audio signal sent to external effects
  • Amplification of returned audio signal to high modular signals (approx. 3db to 34db of gain)
  • Clipping indication on over-amplification of returned signal
  • Manual cross fade between original ‘dry’ source signal and returned ‘wet’ signal
  • Regulation/conditioning of CV modulation signals intended for pedal expression inputs
  • Includes ‘floating ring’ cable for safe expression input connectivity
  • Size: 4HP
  • Current draw: approx 30 mA

The ALM Busy Circuits SBG is a compact utility module intended for the interfacing of guitar effect pedals with your Eurorack modular system.

The ALM Stomp Box Gateway provides both attenuation and amplification of audio signals for level matching together with a crossfade control to conveniently adjust the wet/dry mix of a processed signal.

The ALM SBG also offers regulation of outgoing CV signals for safer use of pedal expression inputs.

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  • £89.00

    Get some echo in your patches for less with the Dreadbox White Line Echo module!

    • Delay module for Eurorack
    • Uses the delay circuit from the Erebus synth
    • Delay times: 30ms – 800ms (400-800ms lo-fi)
    • Accepts inputs up to 10Vpp
    • Width: 8 HP
    • Currrent draw: 25 mA (at +12V) / 10 mA (at -12V)
  • £109.00

    Put some swirl and shimmer in your patches with the Dreadbox White Line Phaser module

    • Analogue phaser module for Eurorack
    • Puts the phase shifting circuit from the Dreadbox Abyss synth in your modular
    • 4-stage
    • 2 wave LFO
    • Width: 12 HP
    • Current draw: 15 mA (at +12V) / 12 mA (at -12V)
  • £232.00

    Put that most essential of effects - delay - in your modular system with the Audio Damage ADM01 Dub Jr delay module!

    • Delay module for Eurorack
    • TIME controls the analogue-style delay that goes from 5ms to 1 second
    • REGEN controls the feedback of the delay. At full feedback, DubJr self-oscillates
    • MIX control crossfades from dry to wet
    • CV control of all parameters
    • 8HP panel size
    • Skiff-friendly 20mm depth
    • 60 mA current draw
  • £339.00

    With phase shifting and delay on board, the Roland 572 is the module to use for adding some depth and some swirl to your patch

    • Effects module for Eurorack systems
    • Adds depth, motion and space to your patch with phase shifting and delay
    • Plenty of CV controllability for flexible integration and patch design
    • Simple onboard LFO with normal and inverted output jacks
  • £399.00

    The Make Noise Echophon is an incredibly unique effects module offering pitch shifting echo with time modulation

    • Shift Pitch of signal +/- 2 Octaves
    • Exponential control of delay time -Maximum Time 1.7 Seconds, Minimum Time 7 ms
    • Tempo input allows synchronization of Echoes to multiple or division of an external Clock
    • Two independent internal digital Feedback paths (Loop 1 and Loop 2)
    • External Analog Feedback Path for filtered or processed echoes
    • FREEZE button/ gate input allows for hold, stutter and sampling techniques
    • 24 bit ADC/DAC, 32bit processing, 16bit delay storage operating at 40khz
    • Vactrol based Mix circuit for smooth blending of dry and wet signals
    • All Analog Dry Signal Path
    • Voltage Control over ALL parameters
    • Width: 20hp
    • Max Depth: 30mm
  • £730.00

    The T Rex Replicator Module is an actual, real-deal tiny tape echo for your modular, with CV inputs for echo-mangling goodness!

    • A real tape echo which fits in your modular rig!
    • All-analogue echos and signal path
    • Delay time controlled by a digitally controlled motor
    • Three echo modes, modulation of the echo and tap tempo
    • CV inputs for controlling delay time and feedback
    • Saturation control for dirty, crunchy tape distortion
    • Tap tempo
    • Width: 44 HP
    • Current Draw: 350 mA(+12V DC)/175 mA (-12V DC)

£89.00 inc VAT

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