ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's Workout
Eurorack Clock Source MPN: ALM001

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With 8 trigger outputs, the ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's Workout can be the master of your entire modular system!

  • Programmable clock source for Eurorack modular systems
  • BPM based clock with rates 25-300BPM
  • 8 clocked independent adjustable trigger outputs each with 32 Clock divisors and multipliers /512 to *48 including Triplets, Evens, Odds etc.
  • Also per trigger Pulse width, random skips and delay and delay division (for complex shuffle)
  • Voltage and direct control of clock stop/start and reset
  • Voltage control of clock rate
  • Simple realtime user interface with ‘NOS’ vintage LED display
  • Non-volatile – settings remembered between power cycles across 5 save banks
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Current draw: ~30 – 80ma

The ALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s Workout’ is a compact programmable clock source for your Eurorack modular synthesiser system.

The ALM Pamela's Workout provides 8 highly editable trigger outputs, all correlated to a direct and voltage controlled BPM based clock.

View product on the ALM Busy Circuits website.

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  • £164.40

    Don't just multiply your clocks: shuffle in some groove with the 4MS SCM shuffling clock multiplier!

    • Clock multiplier modular for Eurorack systems
    • Multiply-by-1 to Multiply-by-8, on 8 output jacks
    • Maximum Multiply-by-32 with optional breakout panel
    • Five Slipped/Shuffled/Skipped clock outputs (S3, S4, S5, S6, S8). Each is based on a
    • multiple of the input clock frequency (x3, x4, x5, x6, and x8, respectively)
    • Three steady clock outputs (x1, x2, and x8), which are not effected by Slip/Shuffle/Skip effects
    • CV Rotate jack to shift multiply-by amount on all jacks
    • CV Slip causes particular beats to land ahead in time
    • LED dimmer trimpot allows you to set a custom LED brightness
    • Width: 4HP
    • Current draw: 60 mA
  • £129.00

    If you've got and SCM, make the most of it with the 4MS SCM breakout module to get some proper clock shuffling action!

    • Expansion module for the 4ms Shuffling Clock Multiplier
    • CV Shuffle (jack and knob) - Selects which beats are “slipped” by CV Slip
    • CV Skip (jack and knob) - Omits certain beats in a pattern
    • CV Pulse Width (jack and knob) - Controls width of output pulses
    • 4x Fast (jack and switch) - CV gate or manual switch speeds up all jacks by a factor of 4; Button turns 4x Fast on/off, or inverts incoming signal on jack
    • Mute (jack and button)
    • Re-sync CV Trigger input jack
    • Additional CV Rotate and CV Slip jacks
    • Width: 8HP
    • Connects directly to the SCM with a standard 16-pin cable
  • £238.00

    The ADDAC 504 Probablistic Generator is a gate and CV generator with outputs which depend on probablistic settings. Worth having? Probably!

    • 5 Gates outputs with selectable trigger or gate behaviour
    • Adjustable Trigger size.
    • 4 CV outputs with jumper selectable 0 +5v or 0 +10v range.
    • CV outputs can be quantised or non-quantised.
    • Jumper selectable 1V/State or Swinged Clock output
    • Width: 10HP
  • £96.00

    Snare or clap, open or closed hats or whatever your imagination can come up with, the Mutable Instruments Branches can randomly choose one

    • Dual Bernoulli gate module for Eurorack
    • Randomly assign input (trigger or gate) to one of two outputs
    • Bias the probability with the knob
    • Width: 6HP
    • Current draw: +12V: 10mA, -12V: 1mA

£170.00 inc VAT

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