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Dreadbox White Line Dual VCA

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So critical for so many patches, put two VCAs in your modular for less with the Dreadbox White Line Dual VCA

  • Dual voltage-controlled amplifier module
  • Dual Logarithmic OTA VCA
  • Suitable for Audio and CV signals
  • Accepts inputs up to 10Vpp
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Current draw: 5mA (at +12V) / 3mA (at -12V)

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The Dreadbox Dual VCA module gives you a pair of lograthmic OTA VCAs in a very affordable box!

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  • £95.00

    A flexible matrix mixer with a dedicated headphone output, check out the Rebel Technology Mix 01

    • Matrix mixer for Eurorack modular systems
    • 4 inputs and 2 outputs
    • Dedicated headphone output
    • On the back of the module there are four interconnect headers. Two 5-pin headers connect the input channels and normalled inputs. Two 3-pin headers connect the summing bus and normalled outputs
    • Normalling means that a connection can be made between two modules when nothing is inserted into the normalled jack. Inserting a plug into the jack breaks the normalled connection
    • Connecting the input bus of two Mix 01 modules creates a 4 in / 4 out matrix. Connecting the output bus creates an 8 in / 2 out matrix. Both the input and output bus can be connected simultaneously to create many routing possibilities: 4/4, 8/2 or any combination of inputs and outputs allowed by the normalling function of the jacks. The modules can still be used independently while connected to the same input and output bus
    • Width: 10HP
    • Current draw: +12v: < 30mA; -12v: < 30mA
  • £59.00

    Sum your signals ready for further processing or getting out of your modular with the Dreadbox White Line Mixer

    • Mixer module for Eurorack systems
    • 3 individual, 3 to 1 mixers
    • Suitable for Audio and CV signals
    • Width: 6 HP
    • Current draw: 10mA (at +12V) / 10mA (at -12V)
  • £132.00

    When you've got a few sources to route to a few destinations - either audio or CV - the Doepfer A-138m matrix mixer is just the ticket...

    • Mixer module for Eurorack
    • 4x4 matrix mixer
    • 4 inputs
    • 4 outputs
    • Outputs are selectable between unipolar and biopolar
    • Width: 20HP
    • Current draw: 20 mA
  • £144.00

    The Make Noise ModDemix is a super fast VCA, ring modulator and summing mixer and more in a very small package

    • Unique balanced modulator circuit turns OFF around zero volts at the Carrier/ Control INput, making the circuit behave well as a VCA
    • STRENGTH is a Combo Knob, with nothing patched to STRENGTH CV IN, it works as a standard panel control, setting Level. With signal patched to STRENGTH CV IN, it works as an attenuator, setting the strength of the modulation
    • Both circuits feed a summing stage, allowing the module to be used as a voltage controlled mixer
    • AUXiliary IN allows for the stacking of multiple modDemix and/ or Optomix to create larger mixes
    • Able to introduce warm distortions to audio signals, sounds like no other VCA or Ring Mod
    • MAX BLINKENLIGHTS, 8 LEDs packed into a small 6hp module
    • Width: 6hp
    • Max Depth: 24mm
  • £154.00

    The Studio Electronics Boomstar AMP is not only a quality VCA but also offers a drone circuit and switchable drive

    • Eurorack-format analog amplifier module for your synth rig
    • Two-stage Class A discrete circuitry with hand-matched transistors offers superior tone
    • Four CV inputs provide envelope, modulation, and volume control
    • Switchable Drone mode holds the last played note for continuous trails
    • Drive control lets you kick in an extra helping of transistor texture
  • £164.00

    Put four VCAs in your modular synth the Mutable way with the Mutable Instruments Veils Quad VCA module

    • Quad VCA module for Eurorack modular systems
    • VCAs have an adjustable response curve
    • Outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent channels to be mixed
    • All inputs DC-coupled
    • All inputs handle audio-rate signals
    • Gain scale: a +5V CV translates to a gain of 1 (0dB)
    • Gain range: 2 (+6dB) in linear operation, 10 (+20dB) in exponential operation
    • Width: 12 HP
    • Current draw: +12V: 50mA ; -12V: 50mA.

£89.00 inc VAT

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