ALM Busy Circuits O/A/x2
Attenuverter Module MPN: ALM010

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Attenuverters are exceedingly handy things to have in your modular setup, put two in yours with the ALM O/A/x2

  • Attenuverter module for Eurorack systems
  • Dual channel
  • Attenuate and invert input signals
  • Additional +/- 8v DC Offset controls
  • LED indication of outgoing signal polarity and level
  • A jumper setting allows for the module to also be used as a simple mixer
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Skiff friendly
  • Width: 4 HP
  • Current draw: Approx 50 mA

The ALM Busy Circuits O/A/x2 is a dual channel attenuverter with each channel also including a bipolar voltage offset and LED monitoring.

The ALM O/A/x2 is primarily intended for fine grain flexible ‘editing’ of control signals (i.e changing the phase, level and DC offset of an LFO signal) but also has uses with audio signals such as attenuation, inversion and mixing.

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  • £77.00

    Make those CV signals work for you and do what you need them to do in your patch with the Mutable Instruments Shades

    • Utility module for Eurorack systems
    • Mixer, offset generation and attenuation functions
    • All inputs DC-coupled
    • Low-distortion audio op-amps (LME49720) and thin film 0.1% resistors improve transparency in audio mixing applications, and allow exact unitary gains for precision summing of pitch CV signals
    • Width: 6 HP
    • Current draw: +/-12V: 15 mA.
  • £82.00

    Need to keep a check on health of your modular system? Then you need to get your hands on the Noise Engineering Adigo Metric module

    • Monitor your modular systems health
    • Size: 8HP Eurorack
    • Depth: 1 Inch
    • Power: 2x8 Eurorack
    • Draw +12V: 10mA
    • Draw -12: 10mA
    • Draw +5v: 10mA
  • £87.00

    Whether you want to switch octaves, transpose sequences or something uniquely esoteric, the ALM Beast's Chalkboard could be for you!

    • Dual channel voltage adder and source with 1V stepped range of -2 to +2 volts (i.e 5 Octaves)
    • Two Buffered outputs and through output per channel
    • Top input normalised to bottom. Allows input to be varied across both channel outputs
    • Bottom octave switcher can be chained to top extending range to 9 octaves
    • Also functions as 1->6 or dual 1->3 buffered mult.
    • Size: 6 HP
    • Current Draw: Approx 30 mA
  • £103.00

    When your system gets complex and you have myriad source and destinations, the ALM Boss Bow Tie switch module can take full advantage!

    • Switching module for Eurorack systems
    • 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch
    • 1 input into any 1 of up to 8 outputs -or- 1 of up to 8 inputs into a single output
    • Attenuverter and Offset controls for control voltage input
    • Normalised ‘Gate’ input to enable/disable switch
    • Fast switching up to audio rates
    • Width: 6 HP
    • Current draw: Approx 50 mA
  • £35.00

    Whether for your clocks or your oscillators, a frequency divider - like the Dreadbox White Line Divider - is a handy module to have!

    • Frequency divider module for Eurorack
    • Divides the input signal by 2 and by 4
    • Nice for dividing clocks and creating sub octaves
    • The outcome is always a square wave, regardless the input
    • Width: 2 HP
    • Current draw: 2 mA (at +12V) / 0.5 mA (at -12V)

£70.00 inc VAT

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