Tiptop Audio Z2040
4-Pole Voltage Controlled Filter MPN: Z2040

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The TipTop Audio Z2040 is an analog filter based on the filter of the Sequential Circuits' Prophet 5 Rev2. Make everything sound Prophetic!

  • Voltage controlled, 24dB/octave steep, 4-pole lowpass filter
  • audio: input and output
  • CV inputs for cutoff (FM), cutoff modulation depth (VC-FM), gain and resonance
  • 3U Eurorack module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 42mm

The Z2040 is a great sounding analog filter that gives a lush creamy character to any sound passing through its core.

When paired with a snappy envelope, the Z2040's rubber-like frequency sweeps produce thick bass lines and leads. When modulated in audio rate through its variety of synthesis inputs, the Z2040 gets pushed to the extreme, becoming a growling beast as the forces of the incoming waves and their harmonics all meet at the module's point of interaction.

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  • £149.99

    The Make Noise LxD is a simple, compact low pass filter with a design inspired by classic synths. Patch it in and enjoy the gooey goodness.

    • Vactrol-based low pass filter module
    • Features two separate low-pass filters in series for a 1970's monosynth sound.
    • Channel 1 is an aggressive, mildly resonant -12dB/oct filter
    • Channel 2 is a slower, more natural sounding -6dB/oct filter
    • Each channel features strike and control input. These can be mixed and matched to create modulation qualities.
    • Width: 4hp
    • Depth: 36mm
    • Power: 20mA @ 12V/-12V
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    The Studio Electronics 3003 Eurorack Filter is a classic 18 db/oct ladder low pass filter loads of patch points and controls. Get your aceeed on!

    • A classic 18dB/octave lowpass ladder filter for your Eurorack-based modular analog synthesizer
    • Wide range of frequency and resonance control lets you create mild to aggressive effects
    • Seven patch points provide extensive modulation and manipulation options
    • Frequency and resonance attenuators let you dial in your sound
    • Classic full/half filter frequency keyboard/voltage switch offers multiple ranges of control
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    Put the unique sounds from the EDP WASP in your Eurorack system with the Doepfer A-124 multimode filter

    • Eurorack filter module
    • 12 dB multimode design based on the EDP WASP
    • Inputs: Audio In, 2x CV In
    • Outputs: Bandpass Out, Low/Highpass Mix-Out
    • Controls: Audio and CV attenuator, Frequency, Resonance, LP/HP Mix
    • Width: 8HP
    • Current draw: 30 mA
  • £169.00

    A parametric EQ, but with CV control: the Mutable Instruments Shelves puts modulatable tone-sculpting in your Eurarack system

    • EQ module for Eurorack systems
    • Voltage controlled EQ with sweepable low-shelf, high-shelf, and two parametric sections
    • Low-shelf/Parametric/High-shelf correction frequency, 20 Hz to 20kHz
    • Low-shelf/Parametric/High-shelf cut/boost, -15dB to 15dB
    • Parametric correction Q, 0.5 to 20 (up to 1000 with external CV offset)
    • Analogue signal path
    • Width: 16 HP
    • Current draw: +12V: 75mA ; -12V: 75mA.
  • £249.00

    With two filters downstream of three-input mixers as well as CV input mixers, the Roland 521 dual filter module is quite a versatile thing!

    • Filter module for Eurorack systems
    • Low-pass design
    • Frequency and resonance controls for each filter
    • Each filter features its own 3-input mixer
    • Switchable high-pass filter with off and two turnover frequency options
    • CV input mixers
RRP: £194.00

£125.00 inc VAT

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